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Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
for months that african-americans and latinos have been very supportive of the president. and one indication with latinos we have seen in a recent poll is that enthusiasm has continued to go up. this is very important for the president because it translates that support into votes. but even more importantly, what we have seen is very high levels of enthusiasm in battleground states. so we see about 50 to 55% enthusiasm for the election. but when we look at nevada and florida, we're seeing upwards of 70%. on the flip side with women, we're seeing a bit more of uncertainty. in the past couple polls in the past two week, we have seen some bopping around. and in 2010 the republican party made gains with women in the midterm election. >> in terms of enthusiasm, one way we can look at that is to see how much endurance people are willing to invest in the process of voting. i want to show you a picture that our producer tweeted out today. people trying to vote in north houston. this was the overflow room for early voting in houston, texas. just a huge crowd of people turning out in order to stand in
Oct 16, 2012 7:30pm PDT
county. i don't know who chose that audience, 90 minutes one african-american and one latino. the president did well but i had to say that for the record. >> lawrence o'donnell is in the spin room right now. >> i want to go right to the last question and the last response that the president gave where he brought up mitt romney's 47% comment made on a video that he didn't know was being recorded. was it a strategic decision of the campaign to save that 47% reference for the last minute of this debate tonight? >> well, i heard what steve schmidt said and i would love to take credit for strategic brilliance, that's the way the debate fell. i know the president wanted to engage on that. i think he was unwilling to accept governor romney's explanation that this long explication in front of a closed-door audience on the 47% was some sort of a misstatement. it clearly wasn't. it's a statement of philosophy. it's a philosophy that animates all of his policy and positions. and it does -- it is disdainful of large numbers of people who are working hard, who have worked hard. so it goes
Oct 16, 2012 11:30pm PDT
is not just the latino vote but immigration. i have a quick clip i want to play from the way mr. romney responded to a question, a very conservatively worded question. a woman asking about what the candidates would do about people who don't have green cards but who are productive members of the society. this is mr. romney's response in part. >> i will not grant amnesty. i'll put in place an employment verification system and make sure employers who hire people who come here illegaly sanctioned for doing so. so for instance, i would not give driver's licenses to those who have come here illegally, as the president would. the kids of those that came here illegally. those kids should have a pathway to become a permanent resident. >> on that specific issue mr. romney promised to veto the dream act. president obama took it to him on that issue. >> i think it was a big missed opportunity when talking to latinos particularly in nevada and colorado. much of the answer was formulated on what he's not going to do. what he's going to oppose as to what he's going to do for the community. to underst
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)